The various range of industrial powder booths are based on a modular concept, which enables each booth to be customized to suit any specific requirement. The type & size of the booth is determined by the size, the speed and the shape, of the objects to be coated, no. of colours to be changed.

Where only few color changes are required, manual booth with a gravity operated pocket clearly fit the bill. The wall of the booth slopes down towards a pocket which collects the over sprayed powder and delivers to the recovery part of the system.

The cyclone powder collector is highly efficient, recovering as much as 98% of the powder exhausted from the booth.Over sprayed powder is recycled and progressively reused. The cyclone can be equipped with a re feeder unit for automatic back feeding of the powder to the spray system.
Multiclone is a completely new recovery technology ideal for single as well as muliticolor operations. The reduced diameter of the clones includes an important seprating efficiency. 99% of the powder gets into the stabalized area for re-transport to the spray guns.

Air speed in the clones are kept at levels which ensure self cleaning.

The small height of clones allow for easy mobility and in general faster cleaning operations.
Conveyorised Type
Technostat also features an Internal Loop System - featuring air seals to minimize the amount of heated air in the oven escaping to the surrounding atmosphere. It is Designed to meet production requirements with maximum efficiency.
Batch Type Top
Technostat Batch Type Ovens are designed for powder coating, epoxies, lacquers, urethanes, and other organic or inorganic compounds.
Batch ovens feature a built-in service cart. The cart is manufactured from heavy-duty 4" structural steel. Unit rolls outside of Oven on removable track for fast unloading and loading.
Technostat, offers more than 16 years experience in the design, fabrication, and installation of spray booths for the General Manufacturing market. Whatever your company size, finished product specifications, production rates, or coating needs, our dedicated team can deliver the quality products, precision engineering, and personalized attention to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Expect The Highest Quality And Reliability
We feature more than 10 standard spray booth models, and specialize in custom designs for the most unique of applications. Our flexible, state-of-the-art booths may be used for production batch finishing as well as high production finishing on a large conveyor line. They also effectively handle liquid, powder, functional, and high finish coating, and products ranging from earrings, guardrails, scaffolding, and vending machines to lawnmowers, bathtubs, boom lifts, and washing machines. To ensure full integration, your Paint spray booth takes into account your entire disposal, filtration, lighting, temperature, and air flow needs.
Rely On The Finest Precision Engineering
Our System is designed to ensure the highest reliability in design, engineering, and product fabrication. The accuracy of our CNC machining allows us to fabricate structures and panels with extremely close tolerances. Plus, our engineering infrastructure gives us the flexibility to respond quickly to your fast track proposals and urgent delivery requests. And that's our "on-time" promise!
Receive Unparalleled Personal Attention
  Technostat walks you through every phase of the design and installation process, providing you with dedicated, local support tailored to your specific requirements.
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